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About the Pickle Society


Buying an NFT gives you access to events like the Picklefest and a Pickle fashion show in Paris!

40% of what you spend on the NFT goes towards the Pickle DAO.
The NFT enables you to ‘vote’ for how the society should spend the funds collected in the DAO.
Projects could include: Donating funds to a charity, organizing events for pickles or making apps and games on the blockchain.
You can also propose your own project and let the society vote it into becoming a reality.

The Pickle Society is an unstoppable, autonomous organization on Ethereum.

To become a pickle of the society, members need to own any of the 10,000 unique pickle NFTs.

Sale date

15th January, 2022


Polygon (Ethereum Layer 2)

Price of Pickle


*MATIC assets are required to purchase Pickles on the Polygon network. There are no price tiers.



The Pickle Society is a pack of 10,000 programmatically generated NFT Pickles on the Polygon network. Each Pickle is unique and generated and with a bunch of different colors, accessories, and attributes.
7000 pickles
2500 pickles
500 pickles


Pickle community

Join the Discord and contribute to building a society of like minded pickles with us.

Pickle fest

We’re going to organize the largest pickle eating festival EVER. So big that Guinness will induct us into the hall of fame. Founding Pickles get free access!

Pickle DAO

40% of the amount you spend on the NFT goes towards the DAO. This is a smart contract that allows NFT holders to vote on projects and charities towards which the money is spent.

Pickle vandalism

We hate and love fashion. Pickle society will show the world what it means to be a pickle. See you in Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer '2022.

Fact is, we are all pickles deep inside, so let's gather under a single roof.

The Pickle Society, a place to celebrate pickles in all shapes or forms.


What is the Pickle Society?

It is an organisation that exclusively comprises of pickles. The society is technically a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) that allows its members to take collective decisions on how to spend the funds allocated to the DAO. All pickles are equal in the DAO!

What is a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO)?

It is an organisation designed to be automated without the control of a single entity thanks to a set of rules written on the blockchain. The pickle society is a DAO: an open, uncensored and unstoppable organisation.

How can I join the Pickle Society?

Get yourself a Pickle NFT! The non-fungible token is your ticket to the DAO.

What is the total supply of Pickle NFTs?

The total supply of pickles is 10,000.

How much will a pickle cost?

A Pickle will cost the equivelanty of $229 in MATIC.

On which blockchain will the Pickles live?

The NFT will live on the Polygon network which is on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

How can I mint a pickle?

Install an Ethereum wallet that is compatible with the Polygon network. Get yourself some ETH and mint the Pickles when the sale is on!

How can I get browser wallet?

You can find a list of wallet compatible with the Ethereum blockchain here. MetaMask is a popular wallet we recommend, but hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor are the safest way to secure your crypto.

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